My Little Advice Shop? The Planner Is In – we’ll give our 5 cents. Just ask!

Phew! End of a busy week, start of a busy weekend. We’re gonna stand still for a minute. Literally. Start your stopwatch. A minute here, a minute there, we have to grab the calm moments when they come. That goes for brides as well as wedding pros!

So – what does a person do to relax in the middle of the whirlwind?  Good question, and one we get a lot from brides and grooms.  We always share our go-to advice that applies to literally every question we are asked (except maybe ‘how do I tranquilize my mother?’). It fits the how to relax question well:

Breathe, stand up straight, and enjoy your moment.

  • Breathing deeply  and slowly in and out ten times is a lifesaver. This can be accomplished in the car, a department store dressing room, or the produce department at Ralph’s – just do it.
  • Standing up straight (or sitting up straight or adjusting your posture while lying down) gives you a moment to reconnect with yourself.  You’ll look better and feel better.
  • Last, enjoying your moment in this situation means fully embracing that this is a break, and not a time to create a meeting agenda in your head, or think about your seating chart.  You’ve been given a gift of 5, 10, 15 minutes, honor it and yourself and you will feel renewed.

Keep practicing as you plan for the big day and you’ll be an expert when it’s time to breathe, stand up straight, and enjoy your moment as you walk down the aisle.

pretty flowers - always relaxing.