December. New Month. Thank Goodness.

Sometimes what you need is a demarcation.  A boundary. The end of a week, the end of a month, sometimes even just the end of an afternoon, depending on what you’re doing, or who you’re spending it with (Oh, yes Aunt Ida. That’s a lovely teacup! Akron? Really?) You catch my drift.

Here’s the trick. You can invent your own boundary. Sit yourself down, and have a Lifetime Movie Moment.  Talk to yourself in the mirror, or at a picturesque location of your choosing- and decide to stop in the name of love. Cut it off at the pass.. Why have a bad day, when you can keep it to a bad morning?  Make it a bad few days rather than assigning it a whole week.

Picturesque location anyone? (This one happens to be the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens). Photo by Stephen Thomas

This is a super important trick for brides-to-be, because contrary to those soft focus articles in BRIDES magazine, things go wrong.  And you’re gonna have to partition off those times or you’ll feel like Cinderella stood up by a gal who said she was your fairy godmother, but might have been the Avon Lady.  Invitations printing wrong on that fancy new paper? Found out your dress will be late?  Time to start picking out locations for that “She’s Getting Married” Lifetime movie you’re starring in.  Get to it, TV star.  ‘Cause you’ve got work to do.

Welcome to December everyone. Signing off, from my picturesque location where the sun is shining, and there’s some very cheesy music swelling as we fade out.