Centerpieces: Some Start in The Very Beginning, but We’re Going To Start in the Center.

OMG! You’ve only been engaged for ten minutes, but everyone wants to know, “what are your colors?”  It’s a panic-inducing question for a newly engaged bride.  Most think immediately of bridesmaids’ dresses – and sure- that’s a big splash of color.  But we recommend starting in the center: your centerpiece.

Think about a floral arrangement in the middle of a beautiful table – you’ll see many colors together, and maybe one will pop out and help clarify your thoughts, or at least get the thoughts flowing.

Tall centerpieces shine at an elegant affair

Having a theme wedding? Working in references to your culture or background? Centerpieces are a great way to incorporate elements without hammering people over the head.  Think shell encrusted containers of flowers at a beach celebration, or including “Bells of Ireland” flowers to honor your Irish heritage.

Last, centerpieces are the bulk of your “wow” factor – and they deserve to be highlighted.  Talk to your event designer about pin spotting each of your tables to show off that beautiful creation in the middle.

The dramatic effect of pin-spots on centerpieces

Start thinking about your tablescapes early, in fact you might want to make the centerpiece the very beginning of your vision.  I hear it’s a very good place to start.

Be well and love well!


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