All you need is…cake?

funny wedding photos - All You Need is Cake
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Wedinator put up this excellent example of a cake that was a lot of fun for the bakery – and is actually really cool – but will suck all of the energy and focus of any picture, (and any cake-cutting ceremony for that matter, and what couple wants the cake to outshine them)? If you’re going for a kitschy cake, embrace the Southern tradition of a Groom’s Cake: a cake that is generally a contrast in flavor to the wedding cake, and frequently (though not always*) created in a theme or shape related to the groom’s hobbies or interests. This could be a golf ball shaped cake, or a college pennant, even a car.  A nice cheesecake or flourless chocolate also works well if the groom has a passion for something that’s not represented in the wedding cake.  Even Prince William and Kate Middleton were inspired by the traditions of the Colonies, and had a groom’s cake at their recent wedding. Whatever it is, if it looks like a greeting card exploded all over it, keep it far away from your cake table.  Let the bride and groom be the main attraction – not the pastry.  Once the cute feeding each other part is done, and the photos are taken, cut that beauty up and let them eat cake!

*One of our brides, whose groom had a passion for chocolate chip cookies, arranged for platters of fresh baked cookies as a groom’s dessert.  He was thrilled – and they were spared the cost of an elaborate cake in the shape of a fishing boat.

R2-D2 Groom's Cake
Image by The Uncommon Cakery via Flickr