You’ve got to learn how to be the best in the business!

Recently we all were charmed by America’s best winter athletes at the Olympics.  But we all know they didn’t get where they are by showing up one day and expecting to just “know” how to be successful at their sports.

It’s the same with success in business – especially one as people-centric as events and hospitality.  You have to learn -sometimes in more painful ways than others- how to meet and connect with pwople who will help you along your way.

If there was a shortcut you could take towards that goal of being able to connect with people beyond just shaking hands and exchanging business cards, you’d take it, wouldn’t you? In that case, show up Wednesday night at the Wedding Warriors March Mixer to learn from the best about making networking your friend, not something you roll your eyes at.

We’ll be joined by Melissa G. Wilson, author of “Networking Is Dead” and she’ll blow the roof off all you thought you knew.

Plus our signature socializing, fun giveaways and Pastry Swan’s to-die for cupcakes (worth the trip all on their own!)

See you there!