Wedding Day Wisdom: Assume Nothing

Preparing for your wedding? Good rule of thumb: Assume Nothing.

Really! Nothing. Always specify ( in writing if possible) what you’ve planned for, asked for, paid for, hoped for and wished for.

Ladies, especially when it’s hopes and wishes, please please please don’t expect men to read your minds. They are no better at it during a wedding than usual.

See below for some examples of assuming gone awry.

Don’t say to a bridesmaid going to your wedding rehearsal: “I’ll see you there.” In her mind (she’s the rowdy one) you’ll see her there…perhaps after the wedding, hung over from a night out clubbing.

Don’t say to your caterer: “I love beef, so just be creative.” He will begin to plan living out his fantasy of a giant reproduction of the Venus De Milo made out of steak tartare.

Don’t say to your brother, “Yes, the best man makes a toast. Funny childhood stories and such” and then be surprised when he tells the guests about you stuffing your bra at twelve.

Ok, there’s one thing you can assume. Assume that someone’s assumptions on wedding day will make for a great story. Here’s to the birth of family lore! Cheers!