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A friend of ours in Connecticut- Megan Palmer at Palmer’s Bakery in Darien– is up for a bunch of “Best Of” awards – and we know all of them are well deserved.  Read on to find out how we know.  But also head on over and vote if  you’re inspired.

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“As a vendor, there’s always that bride who comes in for a meeting and you instantly feel connected. You’re sure she’ll call within days to put in a deposit, but no word comes. You may think she’s forgotten you and your business entirely, but with the right level of customer engagement, you are 100% wrong.

When my husband and I started planning our wedding, it was going to be in Connecticut.  We traveled East, to meet with vendors there, accompanied by my indefatigable and saintly Mother.

The appointment we still talk about was at Palmer’s Bakery (inside Palmer’s Market) in Darien, CT, where we met with charming Executive Pastry Chef Megan Palmer Dean. And when I say, “met with” I really ought to say “fell in love with.” The cakes were heavenly, but more importantly, she was kind and patient and funny.  When it became clear that our celebration would have to be in California (we ended up in Palm Springs – lucky us!), I wrote Megan to tell her that, although we wished she could make our cake, it was not meant to be.  Since then we have not forgotten her, and are still on the Palmer’s mailing list.”

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