Waiting for a ring? Is he holding a box or a phone?

I was chatting recently with my old friend Michael, who I hadn’t seen in a while, and told him I was writing a blog.  “Is it too technical, or would I be interested?” he asked.  I began to giggle. Why you ask? Because for all practical purposes, this is a wedding blog.  And Michael is not the marrying kind.  Now I’m not saying he’s gay, he’s dated women as long as I’ve known him.  He was even engaged once, but he couldn’t go through with it.  He’s just not cut out to function in the kind of arrangement that makes so many others so very happy.

I was delighted to hear yesterday that after all these years, he’d finally figured that out. He laughed too and shook his head – and basically said (out loud!) that he knew “it was never gonna happen.”  He knows he’s not meant to be married, and now he’s very upfront with anyone that comes into his life.

In this season of romantic jewelry store commercials pulling at the heartstrings of women across America, (see above for the kind that used to absolutely kill me as a single girl, and which will be EVERYWHERE until Valentine’s Day) I caution “someday brides” to tune in to their partners; make sure you’re not waiting for a ring from a guy who’ll never understand the way you love, and need to be loved in return.

Live well and love well.