The Official Guide to Finding a Wedding Officiant

Wow, that really does sound official! Although the Officiant at your wedding is called upon to perform the most solemn and serious duty, it’s not what they do that I’m addressing today.  Rather, it’s when you find the person who is going to share this incredibly intimate moment with you and your fiancé.

The correct answer is, the sooner the better.  Somehow this most crucial role often gets put at the bottom of the list, but the better you know your pastor, Rabbi or other civic leader, the better prepared you’ll be for the big day.  And the basic formula is: prepared+wedding day = ability to relax and enjoy oneself.

Under the huppah with Rabbi Sally Olins from Palm Springs' Temple Isaiah


You’ll want to know, for instance, if your favorite pastor won’t marry you outside the church sanctuary – not a happy discovery if you’ve already put a deposit down on another ceremony location.  Perhaps your Priest has counseling requirements.  The last thing you’ll want to be squeezing into your schedule two weeks before the wedding is four hours of pre-marital classes.

Last, and I hinted at this at the start, this is a very personal moment. The sooner you meet with your officiant, the sooner you can begin developing a relationship between the three of you. Your ceremony will be more personal and meaningful when performed by someone who actually knows you.  Start early, and by the time you meet on wedding day you’ll be old friends sharing a wonderful experience.

Be well, and love well!



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