The World’s Best Wedding Planning Advice: In through the nose…out through the mouth.

Greetings all, and a happiest of first-business-day-of-the-New-Year to all. To newly engaged couples: CONGRATULATIONS! But be prepared, wedding planning can be tough. But on behalf of My Little Flower Shop, I say Fear Not!  There is a mantra that applies to any wedding situation, question or pickle.  You’ve read it here before, but excellent wedding planning advice bears repeating:

beautiful wedding dress, covered buttons, antique veil, destination wedding, Palm Springs, CA
make sure you can breathe in the dress! – photo by Cheryl Mac

Breathe, stand up straight and enjoy your moment. 

Don’t worry and get overwhelmed by the whole process.  You’ll take it in pieces, and you’ll hire people you trust (more on selecting wedding vendors in the coming days.).  For now, savor the initial head rush of being newly engaged.  And don’t forget to adore the amazing person who you’re going to marry.  Sign up for updates to our blog for wedding tips, ideas and advice.

Be well, and breathe!