Prom Posies do not always Pose Problems, people! Prom Ponderings Part II

Sorry guys, got a little carried away with the Prom Posies alliteration.  Our prom etiquette post sprouted searches genuinely looking for information on prom posies, so we thought we’d oblige.  Customer service! Just like at the store 🙂

A prom posy is a small bouquet that can be given to a young lady by her prom date, (or a good friend or loving parent) as a substitute for a corsage.  Some girls are finding corsages unwieldy, and some just like the idea of carrying a little something, but prom posies are a growing trend that is only going to get more popular as we gear up for Prom 2011

This is a beautiful posy of cymbidium orchids and hydrangea with organza ribbon accents
Example of Prom Posies: cymbidium orchids and hydrangea with organza ribbon accents

Prom posies also give your friendly floral designer a chance to work creatively with ribbon and different blooms in ways that just don’t work with a corsage structure.  Additionally, when made with flowers that dry well, they can make beautiful keepsakes of a special evening. Just ask your florist to work with flowers that will dry successfully, or investigate a flower preservation service in your area.

If you decide not to save your posy, know this: in Victorian times, the meaning of flowers was practically a spoken language as it was one of the only socially acceptable ways to flirt.  Posies were messages between sweethearts to be decoded bloom by bloom. So be careful if you give away your prom posies girls, you might be giving away your hearts too.

Ah, youth. Parents of prom-goers? Stop by the store anytime- to order flowers, or for a complimentary daisy, a symbol of patience.