Holiday Cards? Already? Yup. It’s time.

I have always loved photo holiday cards- especially the ones from happy newlyweds! The husband and I didn’t get our act together these past 2 years, but look out Holidays 2012! I’ve used a code on Shutterfly and ordered 10 free cards.  It pays to be on their email list – they are always sending out codes for one free thing or another. We’ll see how it goes with 10 cards, and maybe we’ll order more.  What I love about a site like Shutterfly is that all my info (and boatloads of my photos) are already in there, so yay! Less work for me!  I thought I’d share our first ever card.  Let me know what you think!

5×7 Folded Card
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*Full disclosure, I’ll get a discount on my next purchase if I send them the link.