Does your podiatrist have a foot fetish? (and is that a good thing)?

Does your podiatrist have a foot fetish? He’s looking a little flushed as he addresses your ingrown toenail. Ponder it for a moment. Why does he have a job where he touches feet all day long?

Chances are, (love you Dr. Fielding- mean it), that he’s just super passionate about his work in a perfectly healthy way. From our wacky blogs and tweets about our passion for parties and deep connection to flowers, you might think we’re a little cuckoo for cocoa puffs ourselves.

Pretty Feet - Photo by Cheryl McPherson

When it comes down to it, do you want your wedding vendors to be a little obsessive and nutso about their art? You better believe it! And if they don’t consider their work “art,” (especially where cake, decor, flowers, music, photography etc. is concerned) then RUN for the hills. Fast! Like a…crazy person.