Celebrating 9/11 Event Planner style

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Everyone is breathing easier after 9/11. Organizations, municipalities, families and friends all marked 9/11 in their own way.  Many were quiet and somber affairs, for our part, we had an elegant but casual dinner party for 10.  Tablecloths, shining silverware, sparkling wine glasses, and 5 couples having a marvelous time. At first we questioned the wisdom of the date – but it was the night everyone was free.  After thinking, we realized there had to be event planners who we lost on 9/11. And floral designers, and caterers.  People whose passion for celebration should be honored – by us celebrating any and all occasions. 

So we salute those who gathered in joy yesterday: and we encourage everyone to celebrate every day.  Rudy Giuliani said at the funeral of a fire captain who died in the towers that it was now up to us to go out and live the life that the first responders had died to save.  Make sure you do your part. Do some living, some laughing, some dancing, and toasting.  To Life!