Back to School Rules for the Bride

Why not get married on campus? (Photo credit: Lisy)

It’s Spring! Kids, teens and college students across the country are looking forward to the end of the year.  No more teachers, no more books…But when you’re planning a wedding, there are reasons to go back to school.  Here are several wedding “wins” to be found on campus.

  • The campus itself.  Are you attached to your alma-mater? Or do you live in the vicinity of a university with a gorgeous quad, beautiful chapel, or a high school with an art-deco auditorium?  Consider educational institutions when looking for a wedding venue.  They are often clean, beautifully landscaped and have plenty of parking.
  • The musical talent. Students at the college level (and if you have a performing arts high school in your area – there too) have all sorts of musical groups that make for great wedding entertainment, and/or ceremony music.  Need acapella singers? A string quartet? A marching band for a rousing grand entrance? They’ve got you covered.
  • Don’t forget the trade schools.  Particularly the cosmetology schools.  While you may not want a student to do your hair and make-up day-of, what better way to experiment with a few looks in advance?  Up-dos are definitely in the repertoire (and on the exam) for any aspiring hairstylist, and maybe he’ll teach you a thing or two about your bridal look.

There you have it, the synergy of the school bell and the wedding bells!  Study up!


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