Ed McMahon – a Lovely Wedding Guest

Casino Theme Cupcakes

Like these cupcakes, sweepstakes are a safe bet for your wedding.

Congratulations, you’re engaged!  With that handsome guy or gal on your arm, it feels like you’ve won the lottery, right? So why not ride that lucky streak you’ve got going? With your status changed to “newly engaged,” you and your wedding have just become eligible for all sorts of promotional contests, sweepstakes and competitions offered by companies across the country.  Now don’t roll your eyes and leave Ed McMahon waiting at the door, he’s here to help! Whether the prize is a lovely gown, an island honeymoon, or a registry’s worth of goodies, it is most definitely worth filling out a few forms here and there. Some couple is going to reap the rewards, why not let it be you?

“But wait,” you’re thinking.  “I’m planning a wedding. I don’t have time to surf the internet looking for contests.”  Lucky for you (streak! told you!) the awesome folks at About.com have a whole section devoted to nothing but sweepstakes, with a category devoted to all things wedding. So what are you waiting for?  Get to clicking! Luck in sweepstakes is like luck in finding “the one.” He/she didn’t just fall into your apartment, right?  You got out there.  Because you gotta play to win.

photo by Eduardo Quevedo

My Little Recipe Shop: I paid a bartender in Puerto Rico big bucks for this one

Cocktail Pink Lady

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OK, I lied. This recipe doesn’t come from Puerto Rico. It comes from the kitchen of a small apartment in LA occupied by a mixologist of great skill. There’s a pool, and palm trees, it’s tropical enough for our purposes. He learned this one from friends in Raleigh, NC with whom he hopes to vacation in Puerto Rico someday.

Vacation Lemonade

1 pitcher crystal light pink lemonade, prepared.

1-2 trays pineapple juice ice cubes

Malibu Rum

drink umbrellas – awesome but optional.

Fill a double old fashioned glass with pink lemonade.  Drop in 3-4 ice cubes, and add rum to taste. Add umbrella at a jaunty angle. Drink. Repeat.

Depending on glassware and presentation, these can go from the beach to the ballroom.  A perfect signature cocktail for a wedding, or for a lazy day by the pool.

Anybody see my beach towel? Or my drink umbrella?