What to do for Mom on Mother’s Day (besides flowers – a given)

Mother’s Day Ideas:

Not sure what to do for mom on Mother’s Day? Why not have a shared experience rather than just hand over a gift? We’ve rounded up some fun ideas that won’t break the bank.

A Mother’s Day At The Spa without leaving the house:

This great blog post gives detailed instructions on doing a moisturizing hand scrub, an enriching hair treatment and a classic facial using ingredients found your kitchen or the local drugstore.

Ultimate brunch dish for Mom on Mother’s Day

Lemon ricotta pancakes. Just the sound of it makes the mouth water! But often moms groan inwardly at the calorie laden extravaganzas known as brunch buffets. So why not stay home and cook healthy yet delicious treats like these pancakes from Weight Watchers? Healthy and delicious. Perfect.pancakes5

A sweet experience for the whole family

Gifts and brunch are wonderful, but the best thing to do for mom on Mother’s Day is to have the whole family spend time together.  Why not spend the afternoon making candy?  These easy recipes will keep your hands busy while you make memories together.

Pick one or more of these ideas, and start planning an amazing Mother’s Day!  Oh – and don’t forget the flowers.

Be well, and love well.


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Mama said there’d be days like this. She also said I’d be taller.

Mothers tell us many things.  “Eat your spinach.”  “Is that what you’re wearing?” “Play something for Grandma.” They often don’t say what we want to hear, but a wise man I know in San Francisco told me the secret of talking to moms and hearing what you need regardless of what’s said.  It’s very simple.
Mothers love their children.  Even when theiy are steaming mad, there’s a current of affection running through every word, it’s just buried in there.  So every time your Mom says anything, what she means is “I love you.”
“Take a sweater, it’s chilly”  = I love you
“You never call, you never write…” = I love you
“Those pants are not flattering, why did you spend that kind of money?” = I love you.
She loves you.  Bear with her.  Goodness knows she bore with you.
Don’t forget…Sunday is Mother’s Day.
And don’t forget…those edible fruit arrangements you see on TV are really unattractive, and draw flies.
Love you Mom!  xxx
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