Wanna see a picture of my wedding? I’ll show you my centerpieces…

My husband and I will have been married two years in October.  And in many ways, we do still act like newlyweds.  In particular, I want to show anyone and everyone our wedding pictures.  Lucky for me, I write a wedding blog for My Little Flower Shop,  and have been able to splash them all over the place- including blog posts, and a whole Pinterest board all our own.  (And like any newlywed would, I check constantly to see if anyone has ‘liked’ or ‘repinned’ anything). We visited old friends of Stephen’s in Virginia* last week, and some were not able to make the wedding.  I eagerly awaited the moment I get to whip out the iPad and show off our very gorgeous day, brought to us by our parents, and My Little Flower Shop. I got to go back to those days after the wedding when ooohing and aahing was more frequent.  It was delicious.

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Be well, and love well.


* I am not one to send destination brides anywhere but Palm Springs. BUT: Virginia in April is positively heavenly, and an ideal option for East Coast getaway wedding seekers. More on the beautiful venues I visited in upcoming blogs.

A tablescape- each table featured three arrangements

one of our favorite shots

Cymbidium orchids and seeded eucalyptus, dramatically lit by a pin spot

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Gerbera Daisy Crazy! Centerpiece, Bouquet, Invite Daisies To Your Wedding!

Wedding magazines are full of breathtakingly beautiful flower arrangement photos. Bouquets good enough to eat. And they are, actually. Though stunning, for the price of one of those arrangements, you could feed a family of five for a week.

The magazines sometimes just aren’t in touch with reality when it comes to the fact that there are brides on budgets out there.  And while the trend of all baby’s breath arrangements is very “couture” in the eye of some beholders, it causes allergic sneezing in the noses of others. Besides, there’s no color there whatsoever. What’s a bride to do for centerpieces?

Enter the Gerbera Daisy.  Also known as the Gerber Daisy, these sweet and bright flowers exude sunshine. They come in a wide range of colors, and are reasonably priced.  Don’t be fooled by a florist who tells you they are too casual, Gerberas can be as elegant as you want them to be. Uses abound! The heads are sculptural, and look great in floating centerpieces with candles. The stems are sturdy so they can stand tall. They line up like little soldiers, or can be shaped into soft groupings. All sorts of options for wonderful wedding centerpieces with Gerber daisies.

So get to it! Go crazy with Daisies!


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Now That’s What I Call A Wedding Crasher

You’ll see stories from time to time about a couple who had an unexpected guest show up at their wedding – but not in such a bad way. If your uninvited plus one or two is a celebrity, somehow that turns a nightmare into a crazy, fun wedding memory.  There’s a couple who had Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez come strolling down the beach into their tented reception, and then a lovely English couple who found the cast and crew of “The Iron Lady” attending their ceremony. (At least Meryl Streep is well raised – she brought a gift).

But by far, this weekend’s instance of a celeb turning up unexpected (though not uninvited) is one that will be tough to top. This couple invited Queen Elizabeth to their wedding as a bit of a lark, never expecting her to come.  Indeed, they received a polite decline.  But lo and behold, on wedding day, Her Majesty and Prince Philip dropped by to wish the couple well. Now that’s a crash to end all crashes! And such a cute hat, too.
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Just goes to show, you’ve got to think outside the stationery box.  Want The Clintons at your wedding? Cher? Send the invitation. You never know who’s going to take you up on it.  But that also goes for people who get the “obligatory invitations” that you might rather not see.

The take-away: don’t send an invitation to people you can’t stand OR that are beyond your social circle thinking “they’ll never come” because they just might surprise you. Good advice all around, if it’s applied to Barry Manilow, or Uncle Eugene. You’re rolling the dice, and you might end up with a floorshow, but you’re also risking a monologue about the war years in Moldavia.

Be well, and love well!



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