The Myth of the Perfect Wedding

When my voice broke while singing at my sister’s wedding, the guests saw a touching family moment. I thought, “Darn. Everything was perfect until I started crying.” I had a severe case of “the perfect wedding” syndrome.  Here are some key concepts to keep in mind to avoid wedding planning perfectionism.

Absorb that society’s version of “the perfect wedding” is wrong

There is no wedding where everything is 100% perfect. Even the Royal Wedding had its own tulip tragedy. But if your goal is perfection, the planning never ends. There’s always one more detail. The stress and anxiety strains relationships, and precludes other happy memories being made.

Realize that you WILL Have a Perfect Wedding – because it’s yours.IMG_1697-copy-199x30011

As you experience the carnival ride that is your wedding day, (and as you look back on it) you’ll understand this:  your wedding is perfect –every crazy moment.  Because you married your true love. And that is perfection no ribbon can make more beautiful.

No two weddings are alike. One of the great joys of being a wedding vendor in Palm Springs, is that we see destination couples have beautiful, personal, perfect weddings almost every day of the week. Pinterest, BRIDES magazine and Martha Stewart don’t have exclusive rights.

As the guests trickled out of my sister’s reception, a woman put her hand on my arm. “That moment when you started crying- it made us all cry too.  It was perfect.”

Live well, and love well.


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5 Yelp Stars! My Little Flower Shop is the best Palm Springs florist!

We’re rockin’ and rollin’ folks! A solid 5 star Yelp! rating thanks to reviews from our AMAZING customers telling the world that our service and floral design makes them happy. Which is our ultimate goal- happiness and love in the world. We’re not saying My Little Flower Shop is the best Palm Springs florist because we have more 5 star reviews on Yelp! than any other florist’s total reviews, though that is a fact. (boom!) What we’re saying is that the love and appreciation we feel coming in from those reviews means everything to us. Sending thanks and love to all our couples, friends, family and anyone who’s helped us get where we are. We are so grateful! Thank you. -MLFS

2014 GandA wedding show

Alan and Gregory at the 2014 Wedding Warriors “All You Need Is Love” Wedding Show at the Hard Rock Hotel, Palm Springs

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Feeling down? Helping someone else will help.

Every so often, when we are feeling a little blue, it seems like there’s nothing we can do to snap ourselves back to cheerfulness.  But there’s an easy, inexpensive, widely accessible way to feel better- helping someone else. Read on!

Feeling down can get us looking inward – and get us thinking.  In these times, thinking is bad – often we’re dwelling on an event, a decision or a conversation we wish had gone differently.  Where we really need to be is out of our own heads!  To do that, we look into (gasp!) our own hearts, and out towards family and community members who need us.  Chances are you won’t have to look far to find a friend who’s lonely, an aunt who needs help moving, or a fire station that wouldn’t love some chocolate chip cookies.

You’ll find it’s pretty easy to help people. Even something little like picking up a neighbor’s mail when they are on vacation, or picking up litter downtown when you see it, you’ve got the instinct!  When you feel yourself going inwards, draw from that, give of yourself, and feel your spirit lift.

Be well, and love well.


My Little Flower Shop is Palm Springs’ finest florist. We have been providing top quality flowers and event services for weddings, parties and delivery in the Desert Cities since 2010. 


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