A Palm Springs wedding florist is like a Broadway show.

Like a show opening on Broadway, at My Little Flower Shop, we live and die by our reviews. And boy would some of those shows love to get the press we do!

Thanks to all our couples who go on sites like Yelp!, WeddingWire, and The Knot to talk about their experiences. Other people searching the internet for a Palm Springs wedding florist really trust those three sites in particular, and so to have a good solid set of reviews is a blessing for any wedding vendor.

A chuppah at the now-Hard Rock Hotel, Palm Springs

A chuppah at the now-Hard Rock Hotel, Palm Springs

Curious about these reviews of which I speak? Check them out! And if you’re a My Little Flower Shop newlywed, or not-so-newlywed we’d be so grateful if you took a moment to give us some feedback. Hey – at least you don’t have to sit through “Duck Dynasty: The Musical!” Not yet anyway.

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Our number one wedding tip: Don’t miss it!

Wedding planning is stressful. Managing that stress is the key to enjoying the process, and not letting it drive you crazy. For our number one, top-of-the-heap, best ever wedding planning advice, read on!

There is a saying we repeat that applies to almost any wedding crisis moment – large or small.  You may have read it here before, but good wedding planning advice bears repeating:

Breathe, stand up straight and enjoy your moment. 


photo by Troy Grover Photographers.

Whether it’s on your way in to negotiate with the caterer, or before you walk down the aisle, these three steps will help you get through just about anything more calmly and elegantly.  And, the beauty part? You’ll actually remember the experience rather than lose it in a blur of wedding memories.  As you plan, savor being engaged, the time passes very quickly.  And don’t forget about the amazing person you’ve decided to spend your life with, they need attention and love.

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Be well, love well and breathe!



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Tis the season for date night at the movies!

Julie Benz at the Showtime Golden Globes Party...

Julie Benz at the Showtime Golden Globes Party, The Peninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills, Calif. – Jan. 11, 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s awards season! What does that mean for regular folks? If you’ve got a sweetie, put date night on the calendar, you crazy kids!  It’s time to go to the movies. Between us at MLFS we’ve got 50+ years of hard scientific data showing that seeing movies together is good for a relationship.

So, who picks the movie?  You’re bound to have divergent thoughts. The trick is you’ve got to indulge each other. Our friend Jim loved films like “The Notebook” and was an avid viewer of “Dawson’s Creek.”  When he got married, and our gift to them was a gift card to the Arclight Theatre, I made him promise he’d let his wife go see some cars blow up now and again.  Trade off between films that interest you both, and those that appeal strongly to one of you.  You’ll be surprised, I’ve ended up liking a lot of “International thrillers” that I went to reluctantly “for” Stephen.

Overall, be considerate and loving. Share popcorn, but buy your date his/her own coke.  Don’t believe the classic “oh I’ll only have a sip” line.  If you’re in one of the new theatres where the armrests move, push it up and snuggle close. Enjoy yourselves, but keep it clean, kids.

Live well, and love well.


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