Back to School Rules for the Bride


Why not get married on campus? (Photo credit: Lisy)

It’s Spring! Kids, teens and college students across the country are looking forward to the end of the year.  No more teachers, no more books…But when you’re planning a wedding, there are reasons to go back to school.  Here are several wedding “wins” to be found on campus.

  • The campus itself.  Are you attached to your alma-mater? Or do you live in the vicinity of a university with a gorgeous quad, beautiful chapel, or a high school with an art-deco auditorium?  Consider educational institutions when looking for a wedding venue.  They are often clean, beautifully landscaped and have plenty of parking.
  • The musical talent. Students at the college level (and if you have a performing arts high school in your area – there too) have all sorts of musical groups that make for great wedding entertainment, and/or ceremony music.  Need acapella singers? A string quartet? A marching band for a rousing grand entrance? They’ve got you covered.
  • Don’t forget the trade schools.  Particularly the cosmetology schools.  While you may not want a student to do your hair and make-up day-of, what better way to experiment with a few looks in advance?  Up-dos are definitely in the repertoire (and on the exam) for any aspiring hairstylist, and maybe he’ll teach you a thing or two about your bridal look.

There you have it, the synergy of the school bell and the wedding bells!  Study up!


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My Little Advice Shop: Wedding Centerpiece of My Mind – Avoiding The Overly Literal

We’ve all been to kid’s birthday parties where you walk in and you know right away that the guest-ette of honor is completely obsessed with Dora The Explorer.  How? There are Dora the Explorer balloons, a Dora The Explorer cake, Pin the Backpack On Dora The Explorer, and in this economy, poor Aunt Lisa has been talked into sweating it out inside the Dora costume.  We get the message – signed, sealed, explored.

To make a long blog entry short, don’t have a Dora The Explorer wedding.  OK, so you want it to feel “beachy.” If you pass out flip flops at the door, hire a Beach Boys tribute band, and have wedding centerpieces like this, it’s going to hit everyone over the head.  Pick your “theme” or colors, or “feel” and weave it in subtly.  We love the quirky romantic vibe of this wedding at Palm Springs own haven for quirky romantic occasions, The Viceroy. There is no Victorian lace, no vintage fabrics, no shabby chic floral containers. But, by the nature of the soft colors, the soft textures of the flowers contrasted with the bold graphics of the linens, there is a sweet romantic feel to the design.  See if you agree!

Grace and Don's wedding at the Viceroy. Photos by Jessica Fajardo.


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Wanna see a picture of my wedding? I’ll show you my centerpieces…

My husband and I will have been married two years in October.  And in many ways, we do still act like newlyweds.  In particular, I want to show anyone and everyone our wedding pictures.  Lucky for me, I write a wedding blog for My Little Flower Shop,  and have been able to splash them all over the place- including blog posts, and a whole Pinterest board all our own.  (And like any newlywed would, I check constantly to see if anyone has ‘liked’ or ‘repinned’ anything). We visited old friends of Stephen’s in Virginia* last week, and some were not able to make the wedding.  I eagerly awaited the moment I get to whip out the iPad and show off our very gorgeous day, brought to us by our parents, and My Little Flower Shop. I got to go back to those days after the wedding when ooohing and aahing was more frequent.  It was delicious.

Looking to oooh and aaah over your own pics again? Shutterfly is running a special on photobooks- 40% off, but only through tomorrow. Use the discount code: BOOK40.

Be well, and love well.


* I am not one to send destination brides anywhere but Palm Springs. BUT: Virginia in April is positively heavenly, and an ideal option for East Coast getaway wedding seekers. More on the beautiful venues I visited in upcoming blogs.

A tablescape- each table featured three arrangements

one of our favorite shots

Cymbidium orchids and seeded eucalyptus, dramatically lit by a pin spot

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